Golf Injury Treatment

There are many ways to get injured, and unfortunately, doing something enjoyable like playing golf is one of them. If you have wrist pain, knee pain, or other discomfort from golfing, and you're in Polk County, Dr. Lindblad at Winter Haven Wellness Center is here to help. Working with a chiropractor is the right choice to move past an injury and get back out on the fairways and greens again.


Wrist Pain Could Mean a Golf Injury

Because swinging a club comes with inherent risks to joints, wrist pain is a relatively common golf injury. It often goes away on its own, but you can also speed up the process of feeling better by seeking chiropractic care. Especially if you spend a lot of time on the golf course, you're just learning proper technique, or you want to play more competitively, you need to have the opportunity to play a lot. That's so much easier when you're not in pain.

Golfing Can Cause Knee Pain

Another common area of discomfort for a golfer is the knee. Since you're twisting your body when you swing at the ball, you're bending and rotating your knees, as well. Most of the time it doesn't cause any issue, but sometimes it creates stress and strain on the joint and the surrounding structures, such as tendons and ligaments. That can cause pain, which leads you to reduce your range of motion. That, in turn, can affect the quality and strength of your swing.

Range of Motion Issues are Common

It's common to see range of motion concerns along with pain when it comes to a golf injury. While you might not be in pain during other activities, you could reduce your full range of motion during your swing to try to keep pain at bay. That can cause serious problems for your game, and may lead to additional pain in other areas that are impacted by your change in stance or swing.

Work With a Chiropractor Near You

If you're in the Winter Haven area or anywhere in Polk County, reach out to us at Winter Haven Wellness Center today. The right chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate pain from a golf injury, and help you get back to playing again. You don't have to settle for a smaller range of motion or pain when you're trying to practice or play. We can help you feel more confident and free of pain.


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